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Thoughts on Ubuntu Edge —

Recently, Canonical launched their crowd-funded Ubuntu Edge campaign on Indiegogo. It is a dual-booted smartphone between Ubuntu Touch, and Google’s Android platform.

The hardware specs haven’t been announced yet. But we have seen a dummy phone that will look like the Edge device.

One neat thing about the smartphone, is that it has a cable with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse hookup allowing you to enter a full blown Unity desktop right from your phone.

Canonical is asking the Ubuntu community to donate 35 million dollars total into the Edge campaign. As of this writing they are at $7,637,333. You can follow the crowd funding at IndieGoGo.

Now, I feel this phone is more than just a phone. Its almost like a convergence device. But that being said, I’m not sure that the world is ready for that yet. There is a market for a platform alongside iOS and Android, that isn’t BB10 or Windows Phone. But I’m not sure that Ubuntu Edge is going to be it. I feel that it will be too much for the consumer.

The consumer is going to use it for the apps, and the fact its a phone.

I feel Canonical is leaving a bunch of questions.

  • Will the consumer know to plug it in and have a full Unity desktop?
  • How will the performance be rendering the phone OS and a Unity desktop?
  • Is having that ability even desired?

We don’t know. There may not be a market for a convergence device such as that.

I’ll keep you updated on the monster that is Canonical and their future with the Ubuntu Edge campaign, but I feel it may be a flop.

Chris Fisher and Matt Hartley did a great explanation of their thoughts on the Linux Action Show on the Jupiter Broadcasting network.

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