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GitHub Repos —

I have now created my own GitHub repository specifically for computer information relating to my system(s).

I also have created a repository containing my Minecraft addons.

Computer Repository:

You can find this repository here.

I list hardware information, dotfiles, configurations, etc. Anything that may be needed to make my computer run.

I have information sorted by computer names.

NOVA – My Main Desktop
NOVA-FD – My Flash Drive OS
BEAST – My Dell PowerEdge server

Those are the machines I currently have in my GitHub… I plan to add more soon, you can look at the README at the bottom of that page if I add more.

Minecraft Repo:

You can find this repo here.

EDIT (2012/05/02): Newer versions of Minecraft (1.0+) are stored here.

I have started this repo as of Minecraft Patch 1.7. Sharing my texture packs, and addons.

I have them fairly well labeled, and I don’t think it calls for any extra explanation really except they are ZIP archives labeled as the following: Minecraft[patchnumber].zip

[patchnumber] being the current patch… 1.7, 1.7.3, 1.7.4, etc.

Well, I think that covers my git repositories.

I plan on starting to post my current system screenshots every month as well.

I also post them on the monthlyforum thread.

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