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AT&T is at it again! Guess what they’re doing this time! —

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According to a article on Home Media Magazine, AT&T is getting ready to put every single DSL customer on a bandwidth limit.

Oh look… AT&T is about to throw all their customers a big “F You”… 150GB a month Bandwidth cap for regular DSL subscribers, and 250GB a month cap for U-Verse customers. This site says: The caps would limit users to 20 movie downloads in standard definition (25 for U-verse) and 10 (13 for U-verse) in high definition. Caps also include the ability to send/receive 10,000 emails, 3,000 photos (4,000 for U-verse), 2,000 (3,000 for U-verse) songs and 5,000 one-minute YouTube videos (the same for U-verse). Once you reach that bandwidth cap, they are going to also charge you $10 more to your bill for 50GB more.

Just a couple of months prior to this stunt AT&T is trying to pull, they decided to drop the AT&T Wireless Unlimited data plan for Smartphones. Meaning, those who have the Unlimited plan can keep their plan for the same $30 a month. But those who are just now switching to Smartphones can only get the 2GB Data plan for their phones for $25 a month, and if you are to go over that 2GB on your Smartphone, which is easy if you are a Smartphone user that browses the web, watches YouTube, streams Pandora Internet Radio and KSHE95. You can hit that 2GB max pretty quick. Once you reach that 2GB max, it’s another $10 to your current phone bill and then you get 1GB more to your data plan for that month. I have a Unlimited plan from my old Motorola Q and my Samsung Jack. But I can still view how much I’ve used and I’m almost ALWAYS over 2GB… I’m usually between 4GB and 6GB. The majority of AT&T Wireless users are Smartphone users so this change had a big impact to the Smartphone community as to where the people who own just your standard cell phone with an AT&T Wireless service plan, can have Unlimited Data on their phones for as low as $10 a month.

Back to the main topic of this, AT&T claims that only 2% of their DSL users actually reach that 150GB bandwidth cap and 98% usually get nowhere near this bandwidth cap. So where does that place me in that statistic? Our household has yet to reach 150GB but we have gotten close! We broke 110GB according to AT&T’s Bandwidth Usage Viewer. We watch Netflix, We play XBOX Live, we watch Hulu. I run a Web Server, a Minecraft Server, a World of Warcraft Private Server, and a OpenSim (Second Life) server. I access my computer remotely daily from my cell phone. I am constantly downloading Linux distributions through BitTorrent. Our Internet gets used a LOT.

I really believe AT&T is wrong here… Because they’re really making no sense… AT&T Wireless is already taking a dip in profits by losing iPhone customers to Verizon. So because they’re pissed off, they’re limiting the DSL subscribers too? Are they trying to lose ALL their customers? If so, they are doing a damn good job at it. Jesus, AT&T, Get your head on straight!

Sorry, I believe in Net Neutrality. I think if you pay for the Internet to begin with, I do not see a reason to limit it. If you’re paying $45.00 a month for a DSL service of 6MB download, 1MB upload, you should be allowed to use those speeds as much as you’d like. Not after so many web pages browsed, or so many songs downloaded, or so many movies watched. The Internet Service Providers (ISP)’s just want more money and that’s probably what AT&T is gonna get out of this bandwidth limit considering most “techies” like me use the Internet for almost everything. Granted, I’m a gamer, but I’m also a avid Linux user, a Web Designer, a audiophile. I use the Internet for many of those things. So limiting a user like that is just uncalled for. We haven’t done anything to AT&T, so they have no reason to limit us like that. If they want more money, raise the bill up a few bucks and give us a little bit more speed! Don’t limit our usage to where we’re just gonna leave you as a customer all together. That’s just straight up stupid!

My funny thought for this is: I can just picture being a big business meeting with all the big guys up at AT&T and they’re talking about having financial problems, and someone goes, in a attempt to bring in more money for AT&T, “Hey! Lets cap the bandwidth for all the people who use our DSL services including the Residential, Small Business, and Enterprise customers, so they will leave us for someone like Charter, Cox, or Time-Warner cable!”

Anyway. My rant is done.

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