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The Whizkid Online Forums —

Many of you may have noticed that the forums have been off-line for some time now, and I’m working to resolve that as soon as possible. I am having trouble locating where I stored the database for the forums. Once I find it, I’ll recover SMF as soon as I can.

Links are Broken —

I think my theme has broken, because links are no longer showing… I’ll be looking to get this fixed soon. EDIT (2012/05/02…Almost a year later, Soon has arrived!): I fixed the links!

We can write posts on the go! —

Browsing through the Android Market today, I found WordPress for Android! So, I can now write blog posts while on the go! This may come in handy while I’m out of town on Thursday. Me and Mom are heading to New Orleans, Louisiana. Our friends gym, XPA, is competing at the convention center down there. […]

Welcome to the new Whizkid Online! —

Greetings! Whizkid Online has just been converted to WordPress. Hopefully, I will start blogging here, posting stuff related to the Website and other stuff. As you may have noticed, I brought the Whizkid Online logo back from several years around, (roughly 2007 I believe). I thought it was best fitting with the WordPress design I […]